Over the past 25 years (probably more if I’m totally honest) I have gone from one form of planner/diary to another and never been completely happy with the format; there is always something that doesn’t quite work for me.   I am currently using a planner system called The Happy Planner.  I love that the planner is large enough for me to add a bit of decoration and write down what I need to do, where I need to be etc. both for business and socially.  Each month has a divider with an inspitational quote and starts with a monthly overview. … View Post

To do lists are a big part of my life as I have realsied that I get so much more done is I take the time to plan what I’m doing.  Being self employed it is even more important for me to plan my time and from this plans make an actionable to do list on a weekly, then daily basis. I find writing specific and actionable lists is far more productive and I break things down in to smaller action points.  I am more of a paper and handwritten person that electronic apps, although I do keep an electric… View Post

Have you heard of hump day?  Well it’s Wednesday as that is the middle of the working week and it’s all downhill to the weekend when all the fun and adventures happen.  I’m right?  I’ll be honest not all the fun and adventures happen on a weekend here, in fact some weekends are the complete opposite.  The reality is a weekend full of tasks, little jobs, errands etc that we weren’t able to fit in during the week. But the dream, you know, the weekend when you dream of no alarm clock screeching loudly to waken you for work.  The… View Post