Have you heard of hump day?  Well it’s Wednesday as that is the middle of the working week and it’s all downhill to the weekend when all the fun and adventures happen.  I’m right?  I’ll be honest not all the fun and adventures happen on a weekend here, in fact some weekends are the complete opposite.  The reality is a weekend full of tasks, little jobs, errands etc that we weren’t able to fit in during the week. But the dream, you know, the weekend when you dream of no alarm clock screeching loudly to waken you for work.  The… View Post

This year I will EMBRACE….. The ones who fuel my happiness. The simple things. My journey. That I was broken because of the actions of others. That I came out the other side. The small things. Uncertainty. The chaos. Each and everyone of my flaws. My individuality. Success and failure. Awkwardness. The life I have. So let the fun begin!

This year really has not been fun.  I started the year in relative health for someone who has a number of chronic illnesses.  I wasn’t what you would describe as healthy but I was in a relatively good place.  I was also in a relationship since July and it was going well.  It’s not always easy to find the one, especially when you reach your 40’s.  it’s a fact of life that all the good ones are already taken and they are being held on to very tightly.  It would be stupid to think you would get to your 40’s… View Post