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    7 Sure Signs You Need To Take A Break

    You might be asking yourself do I really need to take a break and why will it help.  Let’s face it, if you didn’t take a break you would be able to dore more each day.  But would you really be doing more by not taking a break? Think of how fast each day goes by, from the moment you wake until you fall in to bed at silly o’clock totally exhausted.  Was you day productive?  Did you achieve everything you wanted to do to an appropriate standard? If you find yourself stressed out from work, home and lifes challenges you are not alone. Feeling over stressed is very common. …

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    7 Ways To Help Ease Stress

    Stressed? Yes, me too. We all suffer from the S word at sometime in our life and the modern world that goes on 24/7 just resukts in added pressure that none of us really need.  I’d never say generations before us didn’t have stress but it was a different stress.  We have the internet that brings so much information and images in to out lives and all too often very ‘perfect’ images that when the surface is scratched are anything but perfect.  Nobodies life is perfect yet the press and social media make us feel like we muct have perfect lives or we are nothing more than a failure. One…

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    There is Tired, Then There Is Fatigue

    As I was scrolling through social media today I saw this: I have a number of chronic illnesses and have had for over 30 years and fatigue really is the worst thing to deal with. It’s not feeling like you have only had 6 hours sleep instead of your usual 7, it’s just too hard to describe unless you have actually ever been there. I look back and I really can’t remember the last time I woke refreshed and I’m talking looking back 30 years. However, I learnt to pace myself and pick and choose the activities I do, I don’t partake in a lot of things I would like…

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