• 7 Sure Signs You Need To Take A Break

    15 December, 2018

    You might be asking yourself do I really need to take a break and why will it help.  Let’s face it, if you didn’t take a break you would be able to dore more each day.  But would you really be doing more by not taking a break? Think of how fast each day goes…

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  • 7 Ways To Help Ease Stress

    8 November, 2018

    Stressed? Yes, me too. We all suffer from the S word at sometime in our life and the modern world that goes on 24/7 just resukts in added pressure that none of us really need.  I’d never say generations before us didn’t have stress but it was a different stress.  We have the internet that…

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  • There is Tired, Then There Is Fatigue

    11 October, 2018

    As I was scrolling through social media today I saw this: I have a number of chronic illnesses and have had for over 30 years and fatigue really is the worst thing to deal with. It’s not feeling like you have only had 6 hours sleep instead of your usual 7, it’s just too hard…

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