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How To Keep A Gratitude Journal

Last week ago I told about the benefits of keeping a journal and last we I spoke about the different forms this journal can take; remember there are no right or wrong answers to how to keep a journal.  It’;s your book, it isn therefore your choice.  All you need to do is make use of your journal in a way that helps you get the best out of life and promote self care.  Now you know about journals and the forms they can take, let’s talk about a popular form of journalling; a gratitude journal.  Do you want to keep a gratitude journal?  Let’s get started with these easy tips!

One type of journal you could keep is a gratitude journal which can help you to retrain your brain to look for positives in your life.  Most days this year I have been writing down in a little notebook three things that I am gratefuil for each day.  Sometimes these things ome quite easily but other days it can be quite a struggle.  But by perservering and looking back I can see that I have so many positives in my life and often the really silly small things ae actually quite important.   I have noticed a  trend that material things aren’t appearing that often and it’s things like people, pets and simple experiences like drinking a piping hot cup of tea, sitting in the park or driving through the countryside that appear more often.  My journal really is helping to boost my mood after a hectic and stressful period of my life.

Keeping a gratitude journal should never feel like a chore and if you miss the odd day, that’s fine but make sure you pck your journal up the next day and complete.  Looking back through and reading previous days enteries can help you see the benefits of spending five minutes each night jotting three things down.  It doesn’t have to be an  essay, 3 words is perfectly fine.  Your journal is for yuou not any body else and it only needs  to make sense to you and no explanations are required.  Using an actual notebook or journal is ideal as there are benefits to turning off electronic gadgets before you go to bed.  I’ve mentioned below an email course I am running on my other blog; 28 Days Of Motivation and Self Love.  We talk about journals and the free workbook that accompanies the series has a printable gratitude journal sheet which will show you how simple a gratitude journal can be.

Develop A Routine

For something to become a habit we need to make time for it and actual do it.  The best way is to pick a certain time each day and complete your journal.  An ideal time is just before bed when the day’s activites are still fresh.  Another alternative is to complete first thing the next day to give the new day a positive boost.

Keep Your Journal Somewhere Safe 

The last thing you want to be doing is searching the house for your journal.  I find keeping it on my bedside cabinet along with a pen the easiest way to continue the habit of completing the journal each  day.  I get in to bed, pick up my journal and quickly jot three things down.  Job done,  lights off and off to sleep I go.

Encompass All Aspects Of Your Life

Most people would tackle listing positives in their life by looking at the good things, what went well.  Bur what about things that aren’t as positive or didn’t go at planning?  Did you learn something from this?  Rememeber you can also be grateful for lessons you have learned from situations that weren’t as positive as you would have liked.  Don’t be afraid to include these lessons.

Keep It Quick

The idea of a gratitude journal is a quick sentance at max about three positives in your life.  Don’t over think things, keep it simple and by doing so you are more likely to develop a habit rather than see another chore added to  your  already busy day.

Make It Pretty

Your journal is a list of happy things and the more pretty it looks the more joy you will get when you read back through it.  A pretty notebook, say A6 size is ideal to use as a gratitude journal as each page will be perfect to list each days joys on.  Remember, you can also leave a space and add in some photographs or decoration at a later date to the pages.

Don’t Forget To look Back

Also remember to take time to look back through your journal.  This can be most beneficial when you are having a not so positive day and struggling to see the good things in your life.

A I said earlier, I have a motivation and self love email series running over on my other blog, Buckets Of Tea and as part of the series, 28 Days Of Motivation And Self Love.   As I said above we talk about using a gratitude journal.  If you  would like to join us, you can sign up here or in the side bar of this blog.  A Free workbook is also included to help motivate yiu to reach your goals this years and the years ahead.

What are you grateful for today? Let me know in the comments!

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