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Over the past 25 years (probably more if I’m totally honest) I have gone from one form of planner/diary to another and never been completely happy with the format; there is always something that doesn’t quite work for me.   I am currently using a planner system called The Happy Planner.  I love that the planner is large enough for me to add a bit of decoration and write down what I need to do, where I need to be etc. both for business and socially.  Each month has a divider with an inspitational quote and starts with a monthly overview.  You could keep it plain or decorate.  The planner I have is undated so I am able to start at any time of the year which I found so useful I it was the middle of the year that I started.

The happy planers are designed by an American company so they are not a standard UK size such as A4, A5, personal sized diary as we usually find in the UK.  I have the big planner which is the largest they do and it slightly wider than A4 but a couple of inches shorter than A4 but not square.  The big is the largest of the 3 sizes of Happy Planner and it is too big to put in my handbag but I don’t take this with me unless I’m working and would take a larger bag with my laptop to work somewhere else as nothing beats a morning in a cafe for some human interaction!

The week runs Monday through to Sunday vertically which I find much better to work with and the boxes for each day are perfectly sized for my larger sruffy writing!  Happy Planner do make a number of sticker books that you can purchase to decorate your planner or there are plenty of retailer on Etsy where you can choose to buy printable decorations or buy stickers that are suitable for the planners.  The monthly spread above was a printable that I purchased from a shop based in the USA and my purchase was immediatly available for me to download and print.  There really are so many Etsy shops to pick from!

I have also purchased ready printed stickers from a few UK Etsy sellers such as Mac and Gray Designs (I have purchased some weekly kits where there are enough stickers for 3 to 4 weekly spreads and if you look at the finised page at the bottom of this post, the scales were from there too), Lethbridge Cards (the recycling sticker in bottom picture) and some cute activity Panda’s from Hello Poupette Designs.

As I am a huge scrapbooking fan I am loving this planner as not only do I keep a functional planner that helps me complete my work and lets me track hospital and social activities but it also allows me a little crafting time each month.  In addition to the happy planner I do have a self printed daily to do list for work which allows me to go in to more detail about the tasks I need to complete each day.

As you can see from my nearly finished page I also add in some extra stickers when I know exactly what I am doing that week.  I’m looking to add something else in the first box of Thursday behine the girl sticker perhaps some leaves similar to the bicycle sticker.  Then add my functional panda stickers.

A happy planner can be used in any way you like and even if you don’t like crafting it is a perfect system to plan your work and social life.  The ring system allows me to add pages or remove months that have passed.  I currently have 15 months in my big planner from October 2018 to December 2019.  With the addition of add on months that can be purchased (especially as the are undated) it is possible to plan out long term projects for work or personal.

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