Sometimes it is good to get down on paper (or in electronic form) everythinmg that is buzzing around our heads.  Keeping a journal can serve two purposes; a permanenet record of our live adventures and an emotional release from what we are experiencing.  Keeping a journal has great benefits you can enjoy by sitting down on a regular or ad hoc basis and jjotting down your thoughts.  It maybe something you would like to do to leave something behind for your family that tells your story and what you have accomplished.  You could be a creative person who uses their jjournal as a way to express your creativity. It could be something as simple as needing a cathartic release by jotting down your thoughts and feelings.  Whatever it is, these are all great reasons. Let’s look at each one, and why they matter so much.

Regular Writing has Mental Health Benefits

Writing can do wonders for your health. As well as keeping your creative vibes flowing writing on a regular basis can help eleaviate stress.  keeping a jounal can do wonders for your self esteem and confidence and can help you with process past events in a safe environment without fear or stress.  The benefits of keeping a journal are so beneficial that many therapists encourage their patients to do it.

Keeping a Journal Helps Harness Your Creativity

There are also many creative benefits of keeping a journal.  Bullets journals are quite popular and scrapbooking can also help we documenting your life journey.

Regular Writing Has Practical Benefits

By keeping a journal it can act as a reminder of accomplishments and special moments you want to remember.  You can also highlight situations where you would take a different path in the future.  Keeping a written record of your day to day life can be a way to build better habits, as you become aware of certain situations and how you personally handle them.   Simply just writing down positive thingsin the form of a gratitude journal can help you identify good patterns in your life that can be repeated and also help your leean from situations that didn’t go quite as well.

Next week I will be talking about the differetn forms a journal could take and how you can keep one with little effort or incorporate it in  to a hobby to help further relieve stress.

Is keeping a journal something you do or would consider doing?