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    5 Day Self Care Challenge

    Too often in life we put the needs of others far higher up our priorities than we do our own needs.  However, in the long run this isn’t good for us.  Constantly putting others needs before our own physical, mental and emotional needs will leave us feeling tired and often emotional.  All that happens will be that we are unable to care for those we love in the way we want to and everyone will end up feeling strained. Self care is so important not just for ourselves but also for those around us.  As the saying goes ‘you can’r pour from empty’ and if we don’t take time for ourselves…

  • Journals

    How To Keep A Gratitude Journal

    Last week ago I told about the benefits of keeping a journal and last we I spoke about the different forms this journal can take; remember there are no right or wrong answers to how to keep a journal.  It’;s your book, it isn therefore your choice.  All you need to do is make use of your journal in a way that helps you get the best out of life and promote self care.  Now you know about journals and the forms they can take, let’s talk about a popular form of journalling; a gratitude journal.  Do you want to keep a gratitude journal?  Let’s get started with these easy…

  • Journals

    Why You Should Keep A Journal

    Sometimes it is good to get down on paper (or in electronic form) everythinmg that is buzzing around our heads.  Keeping a journal can serve two purposes; a permanenet record of our live adventures and an emotional release from what we are experiencing.  Keeping a journal has great benefits you can enjoy by sitting down on a regular or ad hoc basis and jjotting down your thoughts.  It maybe something you would like to do to leave something behind for your family that tells your story and what you have accomplished.  You could be a creative person who uses their jjournal as a way to express your creativity. It could…

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    Four Steps To A Great Weekend

    Have you heard of hump day?  Well it’s Wednesday as that is the middle of the working week and it’s all downhill to the weekend when all the fun and adventures happen.  I’m right?  I’ll be honest not all the fun and adventures happen on a weekend here, in fact some weekends are the complete opposite.  The reality is a weekend full of tasks, little jobs, errands etc that we weren’t able to fit in during the week. But the dream, you know, the weekend when you dream of no alarm clock screeching loudly to waken you for work.  The weekend with the oh so civilized relaxing lazy brunch followed…

  • Self Love

    It’s Time To Embrace 2018

    This year I will EMBRACE….. The ones who fuel my happiness. The simple things. My journey. That I was broken because of the actions of others. That I came out the other side. The small things. Uncertainty. The chaos. Each and everyone of my flaws. My individuality. Success and failure. Awkwardness. The life I have. So let the fun begin! Share:

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