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15 Things Life Has Taught Me

I honestly believe that life is one long education and every day we learn something new about ourselves and the world around us. I don’t know about you but life just seems to fly by so fast and is always changing. But even in my 40s, I don’t feel like my life has even started when in reality I’m well into middle age and I feel like I am just beginning my journey.

There is no doubt that I have had my ups and downs along the way; there are many things people never told me and probably even more things I was actually told but didn’t listen to.

I really do believe you are never too old to learn new things and discover better ways of doing things you already do.

Here are 15 things life has taught me:

  1. Slow down. Take time to enjoy life and don’t rush things. Everything happens in its own time no matter what you do.
  2. Start each day fresh. Don’t drag yesterday’s stresses and worry into the new day.
  3. Debt really isn’t worth it. Credit cards, store cards and loans can all cause more headaches in the long run. They can quite easily turn your life upside down and in order to make ever-increasing repayments your finances can easily spiral out of control. Plus it will always cost you way more than if you had saved for the purchase. Modern life has meant we are become a ‘want it all now’ society. Don’t fall into that trap.
  4. Find something that makes you smile every single day. Life isn’t that serious.
  5. You are going to miss something. Life is better when we don’t try to do everything as we are able to enjoy the moment without rushing through life thinking you need to see everything.
  6. Ask for help. It’s not a sign of weakness.
  7. Don’t ever change who you are for ANYONE.
  8. You can’t change people. Just stop trying but you can change your attitude to how you think about and more importantly react to their behaviour.
  9. Fear will constantly try to stop you. Doubt will also try to stop you. Whether you want to go on new adventures or make changes in your life you will never know what may happen unless you try. Don’t let fear rule you.
  10. Let go of expectations especially those you have about other people. Expectations give false hope to how something should be. You may be surprised what can happen when you have an open mind.
  11. The number of friends you have doesn’t matter. It is the quality of the friends you have that counts.
  12. Fresh flowers can brighten even the gloomiest of days.
  13. Books are magical places where you can escape reality for a little while.
  14. Life is short. Super short. Shorter than you can imagine. Just learn to appreciate and enjoy everything.
  15. Always think before you speak. Your tongue can be quite stupid at times.

What lessons have you learnt in life?

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