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5 Budget Self Care Tips for Autumn

It’s now Autumn and the nights are drawing in quite quickly and there is certainly a little nip in the air. I believe that it is even more important to take firm actions to show ourselves some self-love this time of year as it is very easy to fall into getting up for work, working all day then running around completing errands and housework all evening and weekend and not putting ourselves first. Here are five little actions we can all take:

Develop A Daily Routine

I have a number of chronic illnesses and although I am fatigued most of the time I have found it really helps me if I have a routine. This means going to bed and waking up at the same time every day. I work from home now so I no longer need to do a 1 1/2 hour commute every morning. For me, this has made a huge difference to my energy levels but just because I work from home for myself it doesn’t mean I can start work whenever I feel like it.

As much as I’d like to stay in the warmth of my bed that little bit longer I find my day is more productive if I keep to a routine. I plan what work I need to do the next day around any hospital appointments or personal plans. I have a LOT of hospital appointments; this week, for example, I have 3 and this is after I’ve rearranged one for next week! I also try to arrange at least one lunch, evening or weekend meet up with friends. I’ve found this essential as I’ve gone into my shell and wanted to be on my own so much the last few months but I know this is not the best thing to do and I need to get on with life, even though it’s all baby steps right now.

Declutter Your Surroundings

I’m quite sure I’m not alone when I say I have far too many ‘possessions’. For one reason or another I hang on to things that once made me happy. But certain objects remind me of certain people or situations and I know I need to get rid of them, preferably by passing them on to a charity or recycling them.

I’ve never actually admitted this to anyone before but if you know me that you’ll understand how off the page this action was…..I threw away a perfectly good Cath Kidston handbag!

There I’ve said it.

There was nothing wrong with it and I love Cath Kidston but this handbag had been given to me by someone who turned out not to be the person I thought they were. They had used me and lied to me. I had to remove this item from my life as it just brought bad memories and it helped me so much to move on with my life.

I am slowly going through so many of my possessions and by freeing up extra space both physically and mentally it is making me feel that I have room for new memories, new experiences, and a whole new beginning.

Grab Your Favourite Cuppa And Settle Down With A Good Book

For me, nothing beats a good strong hot cup of tea preferably made in a teapot! I find my cup of tea is best drank whilst hot and with me sitting down all relaxed instead of pacing around the room in a flurry.

Write Away Your Troubles

I think that if I published every post that is sitting in mt drafts folder it would scare the hell out of people. If I’m honest it would probably scare the hell out of me too but sometimes I just have to get everything that is swimming around my head out on to paper or a digital record.

Reflecting then expressing in writing has always been my medium for relaxing or putting matters in perspective. I find it very relaxing to write my troubles away and I find it does help with stress and anxiety by writing down what I am stressing about. The majority of the time things really don’t seem as bad when they are sat there in front of me on paper or my computer screen and are often far less scary than when they were in my head.

Listen To Music

Sometimes I love it when there is complete silence but at others times I likesome background noise. It makes me feel like someone is there with me, hugging me tight instead of complete silence which can feel quite isolating at times. The right music puts me in “the zone” where I’m just totally focused on my task in a calm fashion.

What do you do to show yourself some self-care?


  • Cora @ Tea Party Princess

    15 November, 2019 at 12:44 pm

    Honestly there are some excellent excellent tips here! Getting rid of stuff that I don’t truly value any more has had such a huge positive impact on me, it’s like a load has been lifted. I donated seven bags of “stuff” and clothes and accessories to my local charity shop and it was like I’d tidied up my mind too.
    Music definitely helps me get in the zone, I love Spotify’s Peaceful Piano playlist.
    Cora |

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