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Four Steps To A Great Weekend

Have you heard of hump day?  Well it’s Wednesday as that is the middle of the working week and it’s all downhill to the weekend when all the fun and adventures happen.  I’m right?  I’ll be honest not all the fun and adventures happen on a weekend here, in fact some weekends are the complete opposite.  The reality is a weekend full of tasks, little jobs, errands etc that we weren’t able to fit in during the week.

But the dream, you know, the weekend when you dream of no alarm clock screeching loudly to waken you for work.  The weekend with the oh so civilized relaxing lazy brunch followed by fun and adventures for all but coupled with just the right amount of rest and recuperation…..sheer bliss!

But is that the reality of your weekends?

​Are they the same as mine often getting frittered away in a dull grey cloud of chores, housework, laundry, supermarket shopping, cleaning and commitments that you don’t really want to keep? Or maybe, like mine you also have a weekend that has become an extension of the working week, with you working from home trying to get caught up but never quite managing to.

Like me do you want to reclaim your weekends? If I’m being honest I can’t see how I can reclaim every weekend as there is just not enough hours in the day coupled with my health issues for me to have weekends filled with fun and adventures.  My ain, starting this Bank Holiday weekend is to have one weekend of the month where there are no household chores, errands or work and just go on adventures.  ​The interesting thing about weekends is they happen every week. I mean, like clockwork. So although you KNOW that after Friday comes Saturday and Sunday, they have a habit of taking us unawares and sneaking up on us when we don’t have any plans.

Here are the four steps I’m taking to reclaim my weekends back:

1. Commitments

The first step is to look at your diary and see if you have any weekend commitments.  If it’s a fun event like a wedding, party or meal out then this ticks the box for a weekend full of fun and adventure.  If it’s a workman coming to do some jobs around the house or your partner is on shift and childcare becomes an issue then this doesn’t make for a fun relaxing weekend!

2. What Do You Want To Do

Once I’ve picked my weekend for fun and adventure the next step is deciding what to do.  This could include:

  • Relax and recharge
  • Weekend away
  • Day out
  • Have time alone to chill
  • Get together with friends
  • Indulge in crafts and hobbies

3. Preparation And Plans

What do you have to do to make this happen?  Once you have decided what to do then next step is actually making it happen.  Write down your adventure in your diary, tell everyone who you would like to be involved.  Give them notice. especially if costs are involved, nobody likes to feel left out as they haven’t had chance to save for an activity.  Remember people may have different budgets to you and having to find £30 for a day out may be more difficult for others.

Once you have a list of activities then next step is looking at availability, if it includes a weekend away or a pamper day and also costs involved.  Not every fun, relaxing adventure needs to have huge costs involved.  A home cooked meal with friends or a picnic now the summer is here can be relatively inexpensive.  Crafts and hobbies may not even incur any expense if you already have everything you need at home.  Some weekends need to be about enjoying the company of others but then some weekends its often good to shut yourself away and just concentrate on relaxing without any distractions.

4. Enjoy

You have picked your weekend, decided what you want to do and made all the preparations and plans.  All that is left now is to enjoy yourself.

Remember to improve your happiness and self care you only need to take baby steps,  Start by picking one weekend a month and taking time out to plan something for you.  Something that you enjoy, something that makes you relax.  If it’s a little out of your comfort zone, give it a go.  Until you try you will never know what you are capable and you may surprise yourself.  If you can’t fit a whole weekend in to your routine start with one day or even just a few hours.  Just take the plunge and put yourself first because you do deserve to do things you enjoy.  You do deserve to have fun.  You do deserve to go on adventures and you do deserve to be happy.

Remember whatever you do decide to do, have a great weekend and take very good care of yourself!


  • MMT

    24 May, 2018 at 8:23 pm

    Love this – our weekends really vary but often swing between far too busy and craving time at home, or too much time at home and craving some time out of the four walls I’ve been in all week! Yet to find that happy middle ground!

    Thanks for linking up to #CoolMumClub

  • Ojo Henley

    2 June, 2018 at 5:44 pm

    My weekends involve doing a whole lot of nothing! Just how I like it x

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