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This year really has not been fun.  I started the year in relative health for someone who has a number of chronic illnesses.  I wasn’t what you would describe as healthy but I was in a relatively good place.  I was also in a relationship since July and it was going well.  It’s not always easy to find the one, especially when you reach your 40’s.  it’s a fact of life that all the good ones are already taken and they are being held on to very tightly.  It would be stupid to think you would get to your 40’s and not have what you would describe as ‘baggage’.  Let’s be honest, we all have experienced life by this age and some things just continue to be part of our lives.  It would be pretty weird if you got to your 40’s and didn’t come with baggage.

But there is this thing as too much baggage and me being me and having awful judgement when it came to men, had picked one with too much baggage.  It wasn’t until the middle of the year that I truly saw the extent of this baggage and moved on.  sadly, he didn’t want to move on although he had told me he did and his actions made it very clear things were over.  what came next was looking at my blogs on a daily basis; one day, he viewed my blog 4 times.  What is that all about?

2017 has also been a year of ill health.  It started the end of April and over the next 8 weeks went down hill very fast.  It’s safe to say things are not right yet and the will be a battle for sometime to come.  But I know I can get on top of things and come out the other side.  I may not come out ‘well’ but I will get my self to a place where I have enough fight to live a life filled with happiness and in 2018 I will embrace all that life has to offer.

What will you be doing to find happiness in 2018?

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