7 Positive Changes You Can Make Today

Good days and bad days will always come and go. Often it is entirely out of our hands but it is essential to find a balance and discover joy from the simple things in life. To bring some much deserved joy in to our lives there are a few simple changes that we can make.

Practice Self-Care

It is easy to forget to take care of ourselves and instead focus on every one else. Self care is crucial to our well being and shouldn’t make us feel guilty. If we don’t look after purselves we will struggle to take care of others in our lives.


Be Positive

Life is complicated, and it is hard at times to continually stay positive especially during challenging times. Controlling negative thoughts is not easy but one technique that could help is by focusing on the positives in your life. No matter how hard things may seem there are always positives in your life and remember that you have coped with everything life has thrown at you. Talking with friends or a professional may help with dealing with these negative thoughts. Another option is to keep a journal. Often I will write down everything that is troubling me and then rip what I have wrote up. Sounds strange but just getting worries down on paper and out of my head can help so much with any negative thoughts I may have.

Have a Routine

Establishing a daily routine is key to finding balance in life. It is important to create time to do not only the things we have to do but also to create time to do the things we love. Your routine can be a simple list of things that need to be done that day and when we write these things down we are more likely to complete them. Try not to be too ambitious and only schedule things that can be achieved during the time frame. If you never reach the end of your to-do list you will never feel motivated to achieve anything. When it comes to daily routines and to do lists less is always more.


Have Passion

When we become tired and busy due to the daily grind it is very easy to forget the motivation which drove us on. At these times it is essential to remember what our goals are and how we are going to reach them. We all need something to motivate us to make changes to our lives. Life is not easy and good things rarely fall in to our laps with out hard work and we need to be passonate aout the changes we want to make in order to reach our goals.

Spend Time Alone

One of the impoertant changes we can make to improve our lives is to be happy in our own skin; to actually love ourselves as we are. The media and society in general tell us too oftenthat we should be a certain dress size, behave in a certin way and on;y have certain opinions. But we are all individuals and our needs and wants are so diferent. Logic says tyhat if we are all the same yet have different goals and aspirtions quite a few of us will be terriably unhappy.

It is so crucial to spend time on our own in order to decide what we want out of life. We should never feel pressured to be someone we are not or do things just because somebody else has said we should or because that is what everyone else is doing.

To reach the place where you are comfortable in your own skin can be such a trying and emotional journal but once we reach this place our eyes and heart will be opened up to so many possibilities. Don’t be afraid to take a step back and discover or even rediscover who you really are.

Express Gratitude

Nowadays we too often think about what we don’t have instead of what we do. The media show us far too often what our homes should look like, what car we should drives, the exotic destinations we should visit and the designer clothes we should wear. In reality, this lifestyle really is out of peoples hands unless we chose to go into debt to have all these things. Instead we are too often not thankful for the things we do already have and concentyrate too much on materials things instead of people grateful the simple things in life and those around us. Being grateful for what we do have can be so powerful especially during difficult times and can make us see just how lucky we are despite any challenges we may face.


Accept Your Flaws

Perfection does not exist, and pursuing it means we waste time and energy which would be better spent elsewhere. We all have flaws, even the ones we see on social media with perfefct lives. Social media too often just shows the highlights an too many times the struggles we all have are hidden out of sight. Happiness is also about accepting your flaws both physical and behavioural. This does not mean that you shouldn’t grow as a person, it simply means that you can accept what you cannot change and highlight your strengths.

What simple changes could you make today that will have a positive influence on your life?

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